Meet Update

Good News FAST Frogs!

Avery Ranch has graciously offered to let us join their scheduled meet this weekend. We will now be competing in a tri-meet against Avery Ranch Redfish and the JCC Piranhas. Please be on time for warm-ups since we will have 3 teams to manage at this meet and need to stay on schedule.

You MUST declare that your swimmer will participate or not participate in the meet by tomorrow, Wednesday, May 16th at 8:30 pm. If you have a swimmer in the meet, please sign up for a volunteer job.

Saturday, May 19th at Avery Ranch - FAST Frogs vs Redfish vs. Piranhas - Our first swim meet of the season!! Swimmers must sign up for the meet by Wednesday at 8:30 pm. For general meet information and how to sign up, click here.

  • Here are instructions on how to check your volunteer commitment or sign up for the meet. Click here.
  • The heat sheets will be out Friday evening . You will need to locate your swimmers events and then mark them on their arm.
    • If you are not sure how to read a heat sheet, click here.
    • For an example of how to mark your child's events on their arm, click here. (Also, check out the booth at spirit name for live demonstrations!)
  • Please be at the meet with arm's marked at 6:45 am for check-in. Check in with your swimmer's tent parent on arrival.
  • The meet will start at 8:00am.
  • If you have an unexpected change of plans after the meet deadline or day of the meet, please use the contact forms on our website under the "Meets & Events" section to communicate directly with the Meet Director & Coaches.

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