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Swim Skills Required for Registration

Skill Level by Program

  • Frogs are competitive swimmers who are legal in all four competitive strokes – Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, and Freestyle.
  • Pollywogs are competitive swimmers that are legal in two strokes (free and back) and will continue to refine these strokes while learning the skills for Breaststroke and Butterfly.
  • Tadpoles are beginner swimmers who are water safe and can swim the length of a 25-yard pool. In addition, Tadpoles should be able to kick using a kickboard, roll to their back and kick when kicking without a kickboard. These swimmers will learn the skills for the Freestyle and Backstroke, along with other important skills for competitive swimming. Tadpoles are part of the competitive team and will participate in meets once their coaches clear them for competition.

Note: The FAST Frog Coaching team will decide what level a swimmer will be assigned. Swimmers' levels can change throughout the season as coaches continue to evaluate swimmers.

  • LESSONS The FAST Frogs will also run a Summer Lesson program for swimmers that do not yet meet these requirements. Evaluations are not required to register for the Lesson program. The swimmers who take part in the Lessons program are not part of the competitive team and do not participate in the meets. If you are unsure about your swimmer, sign up for an evaluation and the coaches will place them in Tadpoles vs. Lessons accordingly.
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​Fast Frogs Bead Chart

Practice Beads

Color Name / Reason Distribution
Yellow First Day of Practice First practice day of the new season
Star First Day of lessons (star shaped bead of any color, except red, white, or blue) First swim lesson day in June and/or July
RWB Star Attend a swim practice on a national holiday Memorial Day, June 14th (flag day), July 4th (Independence Day)
Gold Coaches bead - recognition for exemplary work Rare
Black Master a stroke or skill Upon mastery of a new stroke or skill
Blue Practice bead Once or twice a week to all swimmers at that practice
Solid White Polar Bear bead When it is cold out or the water is cold
Clear / Glitter Dive bead Upon mastery of a dive or diving skill,

for attendance at a dive clinic

Light Blue/ Glitter Rainy Day bead When it is rainy or raining (but still safe to swim – no thunder or lightening)
Light Green* Following Rules Upon demonstration of following the rules
Neon Yellow* Good Listening Upon demonstration of good listening
Iridescent Blue* Good Attitude Upon demonstration of a good attitude
Glitter Green* Best Cannon Ball Upon demonstration of the best cannon ball!

*Lessons and younger swimmers

Meet Beads

Color Reason Distribution
Green Participation and attendance at a Fast Frogs swim meet At every swim meet
Pink Swim on a relay at a meet For every member of the relay
Iridescent Peacock Swim the Individual Medley (IM) at a meet After swimming the IM at a meet

Graduation / Award Beads

Color Reason Distribution
Frog Charm Mastery of skills required to move from lessons to tadpoles (Congratulations! You are on the team!) Upon graduation from Lessons
Silver Mastery of skills required to move from tadpoles to polliwog Upon graduation from tadpoles
Glitter Gold Set or break a FAST Frogs record After the meet at which the record was broken, Awards Banquet
Glitter Purple Set or break a NAAL (North Austin Aquatic League) record Awards Banquet

Spirit Event Beads

Color Reason Distribution
Various Glow in the Dark Attendance at the End of Season Awards Banquet Awards Banquet
Metallic Red Attendance at the Spirit Night event Spirit Night
Red Tony C’s/Round Rock Express etc. event At the event
Purple Attendance at a post-meet event At the event
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