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Swim Skills Required for Registration

Skill Level by Program

  • Frogs are competitive swimmers who the coaches have determined are capable of participating in one or multiple strokes / events.
  • Pollywogs are novice swimmers, who the coaches have determined that with additional training may be able to participate in one or more meets during the season. 
  • Tadpoles are beginner swimmers, who the coaches have determined require significant additional training before they are ready for competition. To be a Tadpole, a child should be water safe and ready to learn competitive swimming skills. Swimming a 25-yard length on their own is not a requirement for entry into Tadpoles, but having the ability to kick using a kickboard, roll to their back and kick, get to a laneline /wall, etc. are minimum requirements for entering the program.

Note: The FAST Frog Coaching team will decide what level a swimmer will be assigned.

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