Message from the FAST Frogs Board

FAST Frogs Announce New Head Coach 

The FAST Frogs Board is pleased to announce the appointment of Gabe Wheeler as the Head Coach of the FAST Frogs Swim Team. Coach Gabe is a great fit for our program and brings extensive experience. 

Fun Facts about Gabe: 

-Gabe is a Round Rock native; born and raised here in Round Rock! 

-Coach Mark was Gabe's first coach with the Round Rock Dolphins. 

-Gabe attended and swam at Round Rock High School and even at College in Seattle.

-Gabe's favorite stroke is breaststroke. 

-Gabe has a dog named Louie, and can ride a unicycle! 

Competitive swimming has been a constant focus of Gabe’s and he looks forward to continuing the winning culture that Coach Mark created while cultivating the next generation of leaders and champions. We are thrilled that Coach Gabe will be leading our swim program and look forward to another successful season in 2022!


FAST Frogs Board

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