2021 Season COVID Safety Protocols

NAAL 2021 Season Covid Safety Guidelines

1. Every team must designate a safety coordinator to plan for, monitor, enforce (if needed) these guidelines. If issues occur at any meet, safety coordinators will work together to resolve.

2. Masks must be worn by everyone on deck unless they are eating, drinking or about to swim
3. Social distancing (6 feet) must be maintained at all times on all premises
4. Every pool must provide hand sanitizing stations at various locations
5. All participants (parents, volunteers, swimmers, coaches) must self screen and if they are not feeling well, have a cough, fever or any other covid symptoms, they should not attend.
6. The league will follow any/all city and county guidance.
7. We understand that some pools may have additional rules/restrictions but these are the minimum standards for all NAAL meets.

Additionally, the FAST Frogs Board will be adhering to the following rules: -All coaches, board members, and accompanying adults will wear masks.

-Swimmers will wear their masks on deck before and after swimming. Swimmers may want to bring a plastic bag for their mask while they swim, or a
second mask to put on afterwards.
- Adults and swimmers will be socially distanced while waiting.
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