FAST Frogs 2021 Board

The FAST Frogs 2020 Nominee committee is excited to announce the following candidates for the FAST Frog 2021 Board!

  • Board Member Nominees for 2020-2021 Season:
    • President- Jim Sepulveda
    • Vice President- Tom Doughty
    • Vice President of Communications/Admin- Yasmin Hashim
    • League Representative.- Stephanie Staggs
    • Secretary- Katie Aho
    • Concessions Chair- Chris Harper
    • Sponsors Chair- Leah Ollestad
    • Spirit Chair- Jessica Coxe
    • Meet Director- Kyle Tetmeyer
    • Assistant Meet Director- Keilah Thompson
    • Treasurer - Teresa Howard

Normally, we would vote for these candidates at our Team banquet/membership meeting. In lieu of a membership meeting, we will be sending out an email with online voting instructions in the next few weeks. Since we were also unable to complete our registration process for the 2020 season, this email is being sent to our 2019 membership as well as anyone who registered for 2020. If you do not intend to participate in FAST Frogs in 2021, please disregard this email. Thanks!

Just keep swimming!

FAST Frogs Admin

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