Returning Swimmer Family Registration - Today!

Good Morning - 

It's a good day to sign up for FAST Frogs! 

Please go here to register:

You will need to sign into your account to use the link. 

You will need to register your swimmer at the level they left the program last year (Frog, Pollywog, or Tadpole). If your swimmer had an evaluation, use the level that was sent via email this week. 

If you don't remember what level they were at, here are a few hints: 

  • Tadpoles practiced at FCIII for 30 mins
  • Pollywogs practiced at Forest Creek for 45 mins  (Lake Forest on Fridays)
  • Frogs practiced for 60 minutes at Forest Creek or Lake Forest & switched on Fridays

Please register as HOA or non-HOA by choosing the correct registration form link. 

Non-HOA families: Please scan/email your completed sponsor form to [email protected] Your registration doesn't count until we have it!

Swim FAST,

FAST Frogs Admin

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